July 23, 2018

From July 17-19, 2018, a Summer School in Axiomatic Design took place in the Smart Mini Factory Laboratory at the Free University of Bolzano. The Summer School was organized by Dr. Erwin Rauch from the Free University of Bolzano and Prof. Christopher Brown from WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA USA). Prof. Christopher Brown is a leading expert in Axiomatic Design and presented the Axiomatic Design method in a 2.5 day summer school and introduced the participants to the application of Axiomatic Design through various exercises and practical examples. Dr. Erwin Rauch showed several example of how to use Axiomatic Design also for the design of smart manufacturing systems. The Summer School was attended by Bachelor, Master, and PhD students from the Free University of Bolzano, representatives of local research institutes and industrial companies as well as Dr. Wapee Manopiniwes (visiting researcher in the SME 4.0 project) from Chiang Mai University.