June 2, 2017

Tuke: TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KOSICE, Slovakia The Technical University was officially established on 8th July 1952 by the Czechoslovak Government Directive No.30/1952. The University originally consisted of three faculties, namely the Faculty of Heavy Engineering, Faculty of Mining and Faculty of Metallurgy. These were joined in 1969 by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and in 1978 by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In 1992 the Faculty of Professional Studies was established in Presov, which was transformed in 1996 into today’s Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies (FMT).The number of students currently attending nine TUKE faculties is 10.643. Out of this number there are 8.728 full-time students (5.293 Bachelor students, 3.435 Master students and 672 PhD students). More than 700 professors, associate and assistant professors work here, and the same number of research and administrative staff. FMT is an active member of the European Factories of the Future research association since 2015.
Key people: • Prof. Vladimir Modrak (full professor) responsible for project direction and training activities for hosted young researchers and supervision of hosted ESR • Assoc. Prof. Jan Pitel responsible for supervision of hosted young researchers • Dr. Zuzana Soltysova responsible for coordination of the project activities for the partner institution TUKE.