May 24, 2017

CMU: Chiang Mai University, Thailand Chiang Mai University (CMU) is a public research university in northern Thailand founded in 1964. It has a strong emphasis on engineering, science, agriculture, and medicine. The university was the first institution of higher education in northern Thailand. CMU is nationally recognized as one of the top four universities and one of the nine “National Research Universities”. The Department of Industrial Engineering is working in interesting research fields for this project: a) Excellence Center in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, b) Small and Medium Enterprises, c) Design and Development of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.
Key people: • Dr. Korrakot Yaibuathat is Assistant Professor and Deputy Head of the Excellence Center in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Her role in this project is those of the main contact at CMU. • Dr. Poti Chao is a lecturer and researcher at Chiang Mai University with a particular focus on logistics and supply chain management. He has the role of operative coordinator in this project.